blue & red eye, blue & red troat, blue & pink, smelt, gold, yellow, black & pink & yellow, black, yellow perch 2, yellow perch, red, sunrise, tiger green, blue & yellow, blue & pink, blue, yellow perch 3, black red and yellow, gold & pink, or & pink cheek, simple dotted gold, double speckled gold, red white stripe, blue & chipped pink, orange & yellow & simple green, orange & yellow & double green, pink & white & simple blue, speckled green buoy, blue belly white double, pink belly blue, simple white belly blue, simple tabby green, blue pink back, single cherry red, double cherry red, 80-778-118-MSP, white blue pink double, green back simple orange belly, green back double orange belly, yellow orange double green, Jamaica, double jamaica, Germany, savana, silver


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